Tourist Attractions

An Ariel view of Sasthamkotta
With in reachable radius of the Vijaya castle lie several tourist spots of enchanting scenic beauty and archaeological importance.

A view of Thenamala, Kovalam beach & Varkala beach

The Hotel arranges local sight-seeing trips to places like Thenmala, India's first planned eco-tourism destination . The trip includes trekking, boating, bird-watching and tented accommodation in the forest,shenduruney wildlife sanctuary.
Alumkadavu Backwater
Palaruvi waterfalls and its surrounding woods, ideal for bird watching, provides a romantic setting for natural lovers.
Adjacent to the hotel is the sprawling ashtamudi lake and the dreamy backwaters, offering exciting backwater cruise in traditional " Kettuvallams"(House boats)
The rocky promontories of Thankasseri, with its 18th century churches and a talllight house, Varkala beach with its natural mineral water springs, and Thirumullavaram beach with its excellent bathing facilities, are other tourist spots, easily accessable from the hotel.

Pilgrim tourism

Malanada Temple Chettikulangara Kettukazcha
Mannarasala Serpant Temple

A view of Matha Amrithanandamayi & Amrithpuri ashram
The Vijaya castle is ideally suited for pilgrimage tourism, Veerabhadra Temple, Kottamkulangara bhaghavathy temple, Oachira parabhrama temple, South Guruvayoor temple, Duryodhana temple, Mannarasalatemple,Chettikulangarabhaghavathy temple,Janardhana swamy temple, Sasthamcotta temple, vallikkavu Amrithanandamayi ashram are unique places of worship, featuring typical Kerala temple architecture, some as ancient as 200 years.

Ayurveda & Yoga
Ayurveda is a comprehensive term for the world-renowned indigeneous medical practice of kerala. Those who wish to undergo its rejuvenating treatment will be introduced to its vast herbal repertoire and highly skilled oil massages at the hotel

Yoga had recognised and accepted the importance of the mind and the subconscious over the total human personality much earlier than modern psychology did in its present form. Yoga is a stepwise, stagewise eightfold path to final liberation from pain and suffering. These steps progressively take us to the highest state of creativity, of discriminative knowledge and towards attaining the desired perfection.

And also we offer
Katahakali, Mohiniyattom,kalarippaatu etc.. for those who would like to witness these age-old art forms, exclusive performances may be arranged on request.

Mohiniyattam ...A Classical Dance of Kerala
Mohiniyattam is a typical dance form of Kerala which has had a chequered history. Literally it means the dances of the enchantress. Mohiniyattam, even the costumes and the make up having a distinctiveness of their own. In fact, Mohiniyattam as a dance form has been developed in Kalamandalam to such a perfection as to attract the attention of students and teachers of art from other parts of India and even abroad.

Kalaripayattu ..Another form of martial art
Belived by many histories and scholars as one of the oldest and most scientific and comprehensive system of martial training existing in the world today. Kalaripayattu the ancient martial art of Kerala truely deserves the title of the forerunner of all martial arts.

Kathakali ...Another Classical Dance of Kerala
Kathakali is the most refined, the most scientific and elaborately defined dance drama of Kerala. The stories are selected from epics and mythologies and the actor expresses himself through mime, hand gesture, eye movements and highly complicated steps. Kathakali is a unique combination of the insight of an actor, dancer, singer, drummer, scultor, designer and dreamer.

Karnatic music...
Kerala has enriched the cultural heritage of India in the field of music, vocal and instrumental, both in its art form and in its folk form. A number of musical instruments are used in Kerala namely percussion, wind and stringed instruments. Mridangam, Dolak, Udukku, Chenda, Timila, Edakka, Takil and a few other represent the percussion type. The chief stringed instruments are Vina, Tamburu, Sarangi, Swarabi and Violin.